The Mini-Moon Trend

There is a growing trend lately of marriage: “Mini – moon.” You wonder what a mini- moon? As its name suggests, a mini- moon is a mini- honeymoon, a trip usually lasts 1-4 days, followed by a honeymoon more a later time, usually within 6 months to a few tips for planning a mini – Moon.

Why a mini- moon, instead of a traditional honey moon immediately after marriage? There may be several reasons. Important is financial. If the bride and groom pay for their own wedding because they have everything from food and alcohol for wedding gifts of jewelry purchased, can fund a very limited travel. Most couples think it is better to allocate more wedding itself (make your bridesmaids like a king, by the need to treat them at the end of fabulous gifts wedding jewelry!) How skimped on the main event of most of their budget set up a honeymoon. Therefore, a mini- moon! To enjoy a romantic weekend, while the glow of newlyweds is the highest, followed by a dream trip after them to save more money for a honeymoon had more time. Continue reading ›

Finding Wooden Jewelry Boxes in the Perfect Style for You

Jewelry boxes became popular in China in 13th century, and in a short time they were exported all over the globe. A jewelry box is a good thing to store and display your jewelry, and some of the designs and styles available, you can make a wooden jewelry box, a decorative centerpiece for the amenities of the table. And you will find many choices of fine jewelry boxes at online retailers.

One of the first things to think about before buying a wooden jewelry box , the color and the type of wood , the best dresser or bathroom counter , where you will see the box of matches .

Hardwood is the term given to trees that lose their leaves in the winter and wooden jewelry boxes, the most popular finishes are given, and each has a different look, feel and color. Continue reading ›

3 Methods to Match Your Mini Size Jewelry

I do not know if the oversize jewelry stared to be popular, but now I know that the traditional appreciation of the beauty of the Mini-goods is to ensure that, even if a little less well-known jewelry has character, it can still be feminine beauty to reveal more details.

And ‘stress in the district appropriate size between small jewels and clothes if you wear a lot of fabric, we suggest you take the buy overwhelmed by his little jewels that are your clothes. So you should consider the following points which will be useful for you to remember.

one. The degree simplicity should be reasonable. Once clothes simplicity does not fit with jewelry large size, the effect of 1 +1> 2 will be, in particular the structure of the neck and cuff parts of a substance, the simpler the better. Neckline and three-quarter length sleeves or nine in the shape of the heart are the best. Continue reading ›

A Mini Guide on How to Sell Gold Jewelery for Top Cash for Gold

While money tends to fluctuate around the world a lot lately due to the economic decisions and the military, the people who are interested in investing their attention on transactions in gold have. Considering the price of gold has an increase in safe and stable to sell in the past few years, gold jewelry can be a great way to make a substantial amount of money to be seen. However, it is important to note that if you really want to want to make a profit from it, then you need to understand your options fully and be aware of the value of the jewelry you want to sell.

For starters, you should avoid selling gold jewelry that is not broken and you like to wear on a regular basis. Instead, go through your drawers and jewelry boxes and collect those with missing pieces aside. If it is true that a number of gold earrings and a gold necklace could be worth more than their counterparts embankment, keep in mind that most of the jewelry collectors pay more interest, for a piece that has a sleek design that is .

In order to successfully sell gold jewelry is to understand the mechanisms for gold prices underlying cash. Normally, the gold, the more money for the Gold is the most pure. Continue reading ›

How to Clean Your Diamond Rings

Without a doubt, diamonds are the most precious and semiprecious stones known to man. Although diamonds are very expensive, many people are looking for them because they symbolize eternal love. It is a known fact that diamonds are forever and forever. However, you should take proper care to maintain its shine and brilliance. In this article we will discuss some tips on how to take care of your diamond rings and how to clean them.

First, remove your diamond ring while performing household chores, such as gardening, cleaning and even when swimming, bathing and washing. Sometimes detergents and oils that you apply to your skin can damage your ring. In short, try to avoid wearing diamond rings during the execution of domestic systems, which can cause damage to your ring.

Continue reading ›

Antique Diamond Rings

Antique diamond rings are a fantastic gift for someone special. Unfortunately, they are also a very expensive gift, so if you are on a trail, it is important to go with the one already in mind. A good idea would be to set a budget, because if someone goes without a budget in mind, the more expensive it is literally as high as you can imagine.

So where does someone start with their hunt for an engagement ring? Well, you could, of course, someone just go to jewelry store to get one of them. They sell rings, after all, is not it? Now, after considering a look at some of the antique rings that are out there, that could be a big turn-off and causing someone to even buying a traditional ring.

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Tips on Shopping for Cheap Fashion Jewelry Online

Wearing cheap fashion jewelry is a great way to enhance beauty. When shopping for cheap fashion jewelry online, you find probably several shops which sell discount costume jewelry, especially during special coming holiday. There are a few things you should consider when shopping for your cheap costume jewelry that you get the best deal to make.
To find the best inexpensive jewelry online, you should keep up with the new trends. Also if you are not a connoisseur or expert in the latest fashion trends, you can still stay abreast of what is happening in the jewelry industry. Even you can buy your jewelry from wholesale market stores. There is a great source of information on what’s currently hot in the jewelry world. This is because these online stores usually fill only the latest designs of fashion jewelry in a wide range to choose from.
You can opt for colored glass beads which are more durable than painted beads whose color can be resolved using the time to go. Go cheap for the designs of fashion jewelry that the Continue reading ›

Finding the Best Women’s Jewelry Boxes

Every woman loves to keep a jewelry box for their most valuable assets. But in the choice of jewelry boxes for women, we must be careful to choose one, so that a family or friend in your life with her must be excited to take. If you get it for yourself, then you should look for something that will try to make you happy. An easy way to resolve this situation is to filter the search for wood, metal, leather, and even glass boxes. Selecting a wood, it is important to choose the best for you or someone else.
Start your search on Here are a series of jewelry to meet your needs.
A favorite of many women is a 12 “Qing Rosewood Jewelry Box w / 5 Drawers & Shou Symbol. This style is perfect for the occasion, and is also a wonderful piece that can be passed from one generation to the next. It is inexpensive that is sure to be loved by you or any woman in your life. Continue reading ›

Cheap Gold Jewelry – 4 Tips for Finding the Best Online Jewelry Store

Have you ever thought about making gold jewelry at cheaper prices without compromising on quality and design? If not, then think. These days there are many sites offer the opportunity to buy cheap gold jewelry. However, one must be careful and good research before buying gold jewelry from any online jewelry store. There are many factors that determine the reputation of your online jewelry store where you will determine a purchase for them.

Remember, these 4 tips to find the best jewelry store online cheap gold jewelry:

1 Researching
It would be a wise and intelligent, if you do some research before buying a piece of gold jewelry for them. You should go and shipments via the website policy. After all, it would still be a better idea to get it from an online jewelry store. Continue reading ›

Cheap Jewelry Online

Are you in the search for alternatives cheap jewelry online? Cheap online jewelry can be purchased at low cost, but an even better option is to look at your jewelry with materials and patterns that you can find online. Depending on your budget and your creativity, you should consider these alternatives to buy cheap jewelry, which are both inspire and keep you in pieces with wonderfully unique and personalized decorated.

Cheap alternatives that excel in beauty

When searching for cheap jewelry projects that do not want to settle for anything less than a stunning result. There is no reason why a production of cheap jewelry should mean less beauty of their more expensive alternatives. In fact, making the jewelry yourself you will do something that is more unique, custom and desirable.

Beaded Jewelry – The low-cost king

Pearl jewelry is the lowest cost way to go when looking for jewelry projects online. There are a large number of beautiful models and options that you can see the jewels that economic decision-making and simply make to accomplish. Beads supplies are not too much expensive, and in most cases you can get away with spending a few dollars while using your creativity and effort to create wonderfully intricate and unique jewelry. Continue reading ›